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Surviving the Current Deluge of RFPs

  It’s that time of year again—we’re approaching the end of the US Government fiscal year, and agencies are releasing the RFP floodgates to secure their funding and drive next year’s budget. And as a result, many of us in the proposal world are barely keeping our heads above water. For those of you who feel like you’re on the verge of drowning, I want to offer you some words of encouragement. I took a look back at my Facebook feed, and ever since I entered the field, this has always been an unbearable time of year. But even though the challenge seems utterly insurmountable—I look back, and for thirteen years, I have gotten through it. And that gives me confidence that I’ll get through it again this year—and if you’re feeling doubtful as well—I’m sending you confidence that you’ll get through it too. But I also wanted to send out a friendly reminder to all of you out there to take care of yourselves! I know it’s hard when we’re working crazy long hours, but please eat healthy, get e