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A Holiday Present for You and Your Proposal Evaluators: Four Simple Strategies to Score Higher

Earlier this year I created a bit of a stir by asserting that proposals are scored, not read. However, the truth of the matter is that evaluators do evaluate and score submitted proposals. Therefore, as bidders looking to win work, we should aim to make the evaluators’ jobs as painless as possible. This article presents four easy ways to make your proposal narrative more evaluator-friendly: Use Headings to Guide Evaluators Employ Theme Statements Strategically Leverage Feature and Benefit Tables Consistently Highlight Proof Points Using Callout Boxes. 1. Use Headings to Guide Evaluators. Compliance is the first thing evaluators will look for. To make compliance clear, structure your response to the Proposal Instructions (typically Section L) and the Evaluation Criteria (typically Section M). Next map to other requirements, as required. For example, in technical sections, it may be necessary to map to certain Statement of Work (SOW) areas (typically Section