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Five Habits of Highly Effective Color Team Reviewers

Recently, I have seen an influx of articles attacking the effectiveness of color team reviews. One article states boldly that the “color team model is ineffective, obsolete, and not worth preserving.” The author goes on to fault the process itself. However, to be most effective, processes must be taught to the implementers, and the right people must be selected to implement the process. Processes should be evaluated frequently and adjusted for maximum effectiveness.   As you have probably guessed, I am still a proponent of tried and true color team reviews. Why? Because I have seen them done well, and I have seen them work. Color reviews should be based on a defined process that is clearly articulated, taught, and understood by all those participating in the proposal process. The right review leadership should drive the color team reviews and keep the review teams on track. The review leadership should select a sufficient number of reviewers to allow for a thorough review. Ho